Melody's Documentaries

Melody Gilbert has directed, produced, shot (and sometimes edited) seven feature-length documentaries since 2002.  Her films are noteworthy for featuring a rare intimacy with her subjects as she unearths previously hidden worlds. She works mostly solo and has the ability to get people to reveal their innermost thoughts, whether it’s the family of a child who can’t feel pain (A LIFE WITHOUT PAIN/SXSW), a former Vice President of the United States (FRITZ: THE WALTER MONDALE STORY/PBS), or a physically healthy person who wants to become an amputee (WHOLE/Sundance Channel).

Most recently Melody directed, produced, and shot THE SUMMER HELP (2016), co-directed the first 3D documentary made in Bulgaria, STEPS IN THE FIRE, and she also served as a producer on three Minnesota-made films, AMERICAN HEART (2013), THE STARFISH THROWERS (2014), and WOMEN OUTWARD BOUND (2015). Five years ago Melody moved to Eastern Europe where she taught filmmaking and journalism at American University in Bulgaria.  She recently moved back to the Twin Cities in Minnesota where she lived for 20 years prior to going to Bulgaria. Read more about Melody on her production company website, Frozen Feet Films.



2002 Married at the Mall (Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor)
2003 Whole (Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor)
2005 A Life Without Pain (Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Editor)
2007 Urban Explorers:Into the Darkness (Director/Producer/Cinematographer)
2008 Fritz: The Walter Mondale Story (Director/Producer/Cinematographer)
2008 Disconnected (Executive Producer)
2011 Tami Tushie’s Toys (short documentary) (Director)
2011 Numb (Executive Producer)
2014 American Heart (Executive Producer)
2014 The Starfish Throwers (Producer)
2015 Steps in the Fire (Bulgaria/U.S.) (Co-Director)
2016 Women Outward Bound (Producer/Writer)
2016 The Summer Help (Director/Producer/Cinematographer)
2018 Silicone Soul (Director/Producer/Cinematographer)

All of Melody's films are available for purchase via the website for each film. 

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