A short travel documentary revealing the wide variety of people, food and drink to be enjoyed in the Western Balkans. To see all six short docs in this portfolio, click HERE.

A very short story about an Albanian woman trying to keep the country's traditional art alive.

Highlights how the "Way to Grow" program promotes early learning by working with both parents and children. Screened at the "Way to Grow" fundraising banquet and edited into three segments for the website.

Client: One Voice MN

A conductor and singer’s journey to learn about trans voices and the birth of the Transgender Voices Festival.

FFF was hired by One Voice MN ( http://www.onevoicemn.org) , a LGBTA mixed choir, to make several short docs about the national Transgender Voices Festival that the choir hosted in MN. It happened during a blizzard, but we still got the job done (shout out to Miles Painter, the editor on these projects).

Watch videos here:

1.   Finding a Voice: Lisa Butcher, Speech Language Pathologist and Vocologist, on working with trans people to help them find their voice.
Joselyn's Story: Singer, teacher and parent Joselyn Fear shares her story.
Transgender Voices Festival Montage: Sharing stories and highlights from One Voice Mixed Chorus' "Transgender Voices Festival".... during an April blizzard in Minnesota!

Here are some of Melody's clients: